Dexter Franklin Prescott III, heir to a US maultinational empire, arrives in India and is tailed from the moment he steps off the plane. Charlie V. Jagan, screenwriter-turned-cabinet minister, with a movie star mistress and a disgruntled wife, is responsible for having Dexter watched. The politician's interest in Dexter arouses the suspicions of his DIG (Intelligence), his wife, his mistress and the local gangster. Each one wants to unearth the connection betwen Dexter and Charlie V. In order to use the knowledge to his or her advantage.

Unkown to them, Dexter and Charlie V. Were the very best of friends during their college days in America. Kennedy was President, the Beatles the hottest pop group, the Civil Rights movement was at its height. They drank, they fought and chased girls. Dexter the idolozed WASP jock, was lucky with girls; Charlie V. ...'the brown intangible' wasn't. Until, he was seduced by the beautiful and secretive Helen Ellen and fell deeply in love. But something happened between Dexter and Charlie V. Then.

And now, by confronting the past, Dexter becomes emroiled in harlie V.s crazy, double-crossing, dangerous world - the world of Indian politics.

Viking, India.