India at the turn of the 20th century was the crown jewel of the British Empire; but what seemed the most glamorous symbol of Britain’s dominance had already begun to simmer beneath its surface. In The Imperial Agent, Murari traces the beginnings of Indian revolution
through the eyes of a familiar well-loved character from English literature: Kimball O’Hara, the free-spirited, idealistic hero of Rudyard Kipling’s enduring tale, Kim. Here we encounter Kim, now a young man in his prime, still immersed in the people and the culture he has grown to love, still in the employment of the powerful and enigmatic Colonel.


Yet it is a world now grown up, and for Kim it is a world where his twin allegiances – to England, the land of his duty, and India, the land of his spirit- move inexorably towards conflict. Passionate, bold and wilful like the emerging India, The Imperial Agent is a novel brimming with glamour, intrigue, and intelligence.




UK - Hodder, US - St Martins Press, Germany - Diana Verlag, Finland - Gummerus, Brazil - Editora Record