Smoking a joint in the attic of his Westchester home, seventeen-year-old Nikhil Figgis finds an old, tattered copy of a novel called Georgetown among the folds of a red silk saree in a long forgotten suitcase. Its author, he discovers, is his real father, S.K. Naidu, and that contrary to what his mother has told him for all these years, he is probably still alive. Eleven years later, armed with a stage adaptation of the novel and a request for permission to mount it in America, Nikhil arrives in India to escape the heartbreak of his recent divorce and look for the father he has never known.
But he is soon sucked into a whirlwind of events that leaves him bewildered and breathless.
When Nikhil finally tracks his father down with the help of the attractive and spunky detective Apu, the temperamental and reclusive man resents what he considers an intrusion from his painful past and refuses to acknowledge Nikhil as his son. As if that weren’t enough, after the suitcase containing his precious script is stolen, Nikhil is mistaken first for a terrorist and then, when a baby crocodile turns up in his bathtub, for a poacher of endangered animals.
As he tries to make sense of a culture that he has always wished to belong to and finds himself irresistibly attracted to Apu, Nikhil realizes that his father is just as much in need of love and acceptance as he is.
Full of unexpected twists and turns and quirky, unforgettable characters, The Arrangements of Love is a riveting exploration of love in its many guises. Timeri N. Murari has blended the comic and the profound with superb dexterity to bring alive a young immigrant’s search for his roots.

India - Penguin France- Mercure de France.