It's easy to lose a husband. You just keep on living as if nothing was wrong until he doesn't come home one day.
It's easy to lose a husband Getting one back is another story.
Shelley met David when was an innocent and arrogant twenty-one-year-old, spending her first year in London after a cosseted upbringing in expensive schools. David was a scruffy, arrogant factory worker's son with dreams of wealth. He proposed marriage the night he met her; she said yes. Their eighteen years together produced good times,, stormy times, good sex, and three children - all left behind with Shelly when David flew off to America with a younger woman.
The usual story but Shelley doesn't handle it in the usual fashion. She parks her kids with her parents and flies to New York. There she assumes a false identity, tracks down her rival, and sets out to become her dear friend before making her own move..
What follows is eventful, moving, surprising. This novel is written with passion and extraordinary insight.

US- Morrow; UK - Eyre Methuen, Sphere Books; Germany - Verlag Nachf;