Paul Scott had been a good cop - but only technically. He was street wise and highly competent but he had taken money. When he was caught and thrown in jail, he became a disgrace to the whole department - and to his partner, perhaps the straightest detective in the force.
The action of this beautifully crafted police procedural thriller takes place in the winter when Paul is released from prison. He plans a re-union with his ex-partner who never arrives. Instead, two homicide detectives announce that Paul's partner has just been murdered in circumstances that indicate corruption. And also somebody is also out to get Paul. In an extraordinary story of redemption and revenge Paul voyages through the sludge and grotesques and predators on the street in a desperate bid to discover who is trying to destroy him and whatever he may stand for. Gritty, tough and with breathtaking pace, THE SHOOTER is a police procedural of unusual depth and power.

UK- NEL (Hb,pb); France- Gallimard; US, Canada-Dell; Hungary - Raketa;